writes about Self Esteem

writes about Self Esteem :

writes about Self Esteem : Self-Esteem topic is considered one of the significant topics in psychology especially in Psychotherapy and Mental Health field. Accordingly; this article shows us the most significant focuses for “Self-esteem” topic


Let us start by asking: What is meant by Self-esteem?

“It is the good realistic perspective of the individual about himself”

And this lead us ask: Where does the individual get his own value?

The answer as shown by studies; is that human value exists with him from birth.

Then who extracted this value after birth? Are his parents? School? Peers? Or the individual himself?


and here we can ask; how could a person build his own value?

1) Continuous Growth:

by learning through books, scientific courses, as well as communication in social media programs.

2) Unconditional Love:

by continuing the individual to love himself in all circumstances. “I love myself when I succeed at some work, as well as loving myself when I fail in another work.

3) Infinite Value:

by letting the individual cut limits to his value. For instance; “I cannot work” or “this topic is difficult for me to accomplish). Here, the individual makes irrational judgments on himself.


there are several matters that would achieve gaining your self-esteem:

1) Expressing your feelings:

expressing feelings, whether negative or positive, is considered one of the necessities for mental health.

2) Asking what you want:

reading minds is considered as a thinking mistake. For that reason, when you need something, ask and do not raise the ceiling of expectation.
For instance; (He was supposed to understand that I’m feeling tired). Here you should have been explained that you feel tired.

3) Saying the word (No):

many people suffer that they cannot say (no) to others in certain situations.
For instance; (if your friend asks you for your personal car and you do not have anything else, what would be your reaction)?

Some people would give him the car and pressure themselves to please others.

In Conclusion, we infer what was stated in the World Health Organization (WHO): “There is no Public Health without Mental Health”.


prepared Dr. Mohamed Akbar