Trust your instincts

Trust your instincts

We see that the majority of us have a sense of intuition in a matter and do not take things completely seriously and thus miss opportunities, but when we feel comfortable in something and our ability is balanced between our desires and our feelings, where our hearts and minds work in harmony between them, and we are in contact with our logic And our intuition together.

– How many times have you told yourself that you felt something was going to happen to you?

– How many times have you felt that there is something pushing you to do something despite the objection of those around you to the idea that haunts you from one moment to the next?

– How many times have you seen the future ahead of you and felt fear or joy in it?

– How many times have you felt that there are people who will make an impact in your life or have an rejection to them?

– How many times have you felt that something is true even though you were not told of it?

Your intuition has given you important information, and it speaks to you through urgency, feelings, and insight

Most of the times and situations that we go through in our lives, we find ourselves asking how we have fallen into many things that went through us without realizing it, and we find ourselves involved to a high extent, sometimes we can get out of it, but with difficulty and sometimes it continues with us but endlessly through its impact on ourselves and our lives without knowing the reason we ran into such a problem. If you went through a situation and felt that something might happen to you if you took this path, back off and do not get involved in that if your friends pressure you to do something you do not want to do, or if your manager or one of your co-workers insists on making a decision that does not suit you, Do only what you feel is right.

Listening to our inner voice makes us ensure that everything we go through or what happens to us is our strong feeling that comes from us, our conviction of what is happening and our certainty of what happens to matters related to our lives, and removing the barriers between us and wisdom, as it is the right way to open our eyes and heart to the greatest sources of wisdom we have.

If you want to strengthen your intuition, you will just need to start by allocating a period of time every day to clear your mind from all the matters and pressures that you face and gradually start from a period of 5 minutes until you reach for half an hour through meditation and thinking that helps you to strengthen your intuition. Practice Yoga and learn not to view things around you from a negative aspect because that distracts you from feeling that our mind cannot give us adequate answers to what we are going through, but intuition has a big role in that. Just be certain and believe in what

  God has given you, which is your feeling and your belief in the power of your subconscious mind.

prepared by Dr.Nagat Al wassaby

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