The psychopathic personality

The psychopathic personality

The psychopathic personality : The psychopathic character is a trait that calls for social deviations on those whose actions are most likely to be taken And the departure from ethical laws and standards. If we review the definitions of psychological health of human being, then we find that the acropathy is far from all the medical, statistical, social and value standards, it is a anomaly in its disbursements and composition. In his dealings with him .

The social environment in which he lives is such that people complain about him and what he does.

This personality is harmful to the unharmful to society and its institutions, and you feel the pleasure of seeing others in distress or distress. Do not adapt to other personalities and do not adapt to the surrounding environment.

It is not useful for advice, guidance, guidance, punishment, and not for lessons or experiences. The emotion is indifferent and is not so indifferent to responsibility.

Although psychopathic disease does not suffer from mental illness and symptoms, its social behavior in a special capacity is as serious as any other type of mental illness, as its disturbance and maltreatment reveal a deep disturbance of the diagnosis and its integrity that may be generated Serious crimes .

Spathic personality traits:-

Based on some studies of men aged 46-19, the study was used by observation and personal interviews as well as the Eysenck scale of personality, the following attributes were inferred:

  • Lack of respect for social norms.
  • Using lying as a lifestyle.
  • Inability to see and plan the future .
  • Moving from one function to another and instability.
  • Escape from home or school.
  • Be a contact with aggressive behavior
  • The absence of tension and any appearance of the nerves.
  • Don’t trust anything.
  • Lack of full sincerity and honesty.
  • The absence of all signs of irrational thinking.
  • Lack of shame, remorse, and related.
  • Be smart and have a deceptive apparent appeal.
  • Unable to learn from his experiences and make judgments.
  • Patient caffection about self, and inability to feel love.
  • Decline in all key emotional responses.
  • Rarer and absent in suicide attempts.
  • Loss of sexual desire, lack of interest in sexuality, and lack of attention to sexuality.


It is not easy to remedy these conditions, as they do not think that they are a nurse or are not present for treatment on their own. Treatment methods that rely on punishment or reasonable have failed to produce tangible results.

1- Psychological treatment:

The aim of this treatment is to try to correct the behavior of psychopathic people, to modify their own concept, to resolve conflicts, to eliminate the resources of tension, anxiety and psychological needs And social

2- Religious treatment :

The aim of this type of treatment is to reeducate the deviant by reformulating the contents of his moral conscience.

3-The treatment includes:

 (treatment with atonement) and is based on the presentation of unpleasant news next to unwanted behavior. Also ( Treatment with vaccination ) that starts first with the selection of types Behaviors

The processor removes this support. Support may include vaccinations and syrup and may be socially supported and encouraged. The behavioral wizard switches the patient’s ideas, nodes, and trends in the hope that undesirable behaviors will change accordingly.

4-Psychotherapy group:

 (Psychotherapy group) can help improve some cases.

5 _ introducing Scopopathic:

cases only their own Spa to try to create their own social conscience and develop their sense of the rights of others.

6-Environmental treatment:

This type of treatment aims to modify the environmental factors that may contribute to the emergence of Scopathia, both within and outside the home. By providing social welfare to people in the family, school or institution. The State of the World has also provided suitable space for the timely and active participation of the State in the social activities of the State … Etc.

7-The treatment is complementary:

 This approach attempts to make medical and psychological science a preventive social tool rather than an individual therapeutic tool.

8-The World is better at the treatment of these cases with drugs:

especially the base-palliatives. After the electric brain planning, he found that the zoopathic is close to the epilepsy.

9- Treatment with thugs :

He pointed out at the end of his experiments that the best results are by combining drugs and psychotherapy and that the results of the Berlin Institute for Psychiatric Analysis (BIPCA) were that (23) Secopaatiya started treatment in the previous ten years (1938) (He cut them off (18) without reaching something and only four of them improved.

Only one has fully been fully. Therefore, (Welts) uses psychotherapy in preventive rather than treatment.

10- Surgical operations :

The first is the “Gentleman” (the “Gentleman”), which is the first of the two things that are the most important ( these methods of treatment

They praised their results in this field, although Kalinowski says that these shocks do not benefit from treatment of psychopathic.

The first is the “one-off” (the “one-off”), which is the “one-off” (the “one-off”), and the “one-off” (the “one-off”) The Lévine (see the Seopathiate as more difficult in the cause of the gang because it is closely related to the element of pleasure, the analytical flag is not useful because the ecopoetic refuses to give up his own.


prepared by Dr. Fatin Mirza