Suicide between individual morbidity and community responsibility

Suicide between individual morbidity and community responsibility :

Suicide between individual morbidity and community responsibility : Suicide is not in itself a separate mental illness. It is a symptom of other diseases and disorders.

Therefore, we find that most psychiatric patients are at risk of suicide

  1. They are:
  2. those who suffer from depression and anxiety .
  3. bipolar disorder .
  4. borderline personality disorders.
  5. post-traumatic stress disorder.
  6. schizophrenia .
  7. addiction .
  8. appetite disorders and sexual orientation disorder in adolescents and young adults.

The attempted suicide here comes as a symptom with varying physical, psychological and behavioral symptoms.

Some may also commit suicide due to circumstances and sudden events that happen to them, such as the loss of a relative due to death, divorce, separation or exposure to family and physical violence, exposure to bullying, feeling of hopelessness, impotence, and lack of feeling of value in addition to isolation.

The risk of attempting suicide also increases when there are previous suicide attempts, self-harm and others, or a history of suicide attempts among family members.

The American Psychological Association states that 2% of deaths in the United States are due to suicide, and the third cause of death among young people aged 10-24 is suicide.

So what are the warning signs that we have to pay attention to in the behavior and psyche of others and which predict our potential for an individual’s direction of suicide?

There are several signs, the most important of which is talking about death, and this may be by listing a complete suicide plan such as shooting or burning, or by talking about a perception of death and searching for a plan to carry out suicide.

Sudden change in personality, tendency to sadness or increased nervousness and stress, decreased stamina, anger. We also see changes in behavior that cause problems in school, work, or the daily routine.

In addition to this, sleep difficulties may appear, sleep hours exceed normal or decrease from normal, changes in eating habits, which may cause weight gain or severe weight loss. This may lead to a loss of control over the behavior and result in attempts to harm the self or others.

Added to this is the abandonment of popular properties, withdrawal from the circle of friends and unjustified calm after a depressive episode.

When these symptoms appear to those close to us, especially in light of a history of illness or previous suicide attempts, we must not underestimate the danger posed to them and others.

There are currently hotlines for suicide in all countries, in addition to counseling and psychological support in the virtual world, which can be a life saver for millions.

It is also recommended to keep sharp machinery, weapons, and lethal drugs from the person who is attempting suicide, for his own safety and that of others.

The best solution always is to facilitate access for the person to psychologists and psychiatric centers. Where there are specific ways to deal with these cases, and how to help and train them in skills to deal with stress and solve problems without violence or abuse, in addition to providing drug therapy under the supervision of a specialist doctor when needed.

Providing social support from family and friends is an important part of anyone exposed to suicide, or someone who has attempted suicide and failed. Man is a being who needs love, belonging and appreciation. So we may be able to save our loved ones from death by entering us to help them in a timely manner and providing the necessary social, psychological, and religious support, and we did not ignore the symptoms they show, those muffled cries that call for help.

prepared by Shaima Ismail

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