Self esteem steps

Self esteem steps :

 Self esteem steps : Low self-esteem and self-confidence might affect negatively near all the aspects of your life; including your relations, your job, and your health. However, you can boost your self-esteem and gain your self-confidence through applying the following steps that based on cognitive behavioral therapy:

1) Identify disturbing moods and situations:

Identify the moods and situations that seem to lower your self-esteem and lose your confidence, such as:
“A presentation at work or school in which you were embarrassed”
“Crises at work or at home”
“Problem with your partner, a close person, work colleague, or any person close to you”
“Changes in life roles or work circumstances, such as losing job or losing a person or moving your home to another place”

2) Be aware of your thoughts and beliefs:

After identifying the disturbing situations, pay attention to how you think about it. This includes what you tell yourself about (self-talk) and your interpretation of the situation. Your thoughts and negative beliefs might be positive, negative, or neutral and might be rational as well according to reasons and facts or not rational based on wrong thoughts.
Ask yourself if your beliefs are true. Will you mention it to a friend? If you do not mention it then do not mention it to yourself.

3) Negative or false thinking challenge:

Your initial thoughts might not be the only way to view a certain situation – accordingly, test yourself how accurate your thoughts are. Ask yourself if your vision align with the facts and the logic or not, or if there are other reasons might be convincing to the situation.

4) Pay attention to the thinking patterns that reduce self-esteem:

Thinking make you see the situation either all are good or all are bas. For instance; “If I did not succeed in this work, then I am totally unsuccessful.”
Negative self-talk reduces your worth, reduces your value or uses humors to deprecate yourself. Such as, “I do not deserve anything better.”

5) Modify your thoughts and beliefs:

Now, replace your negative thoughts or not accurate with other thoughts more accurate and logical. Try the following strategies:
Use expressions of hope. Treat yourself with kindness and support, instead of thinking that your way of life will not be okay, try to reduce the things to you like “even if it is hard, I can deal with this situation.”
Forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes – and mistakes do not always have reflection on you. They are just separate moments from your life. Tell yourself, “I did a mistake, but this do not makes me bad person.”


prepared Dr. Shaza El Fayez