Psychological needs of children

Psychological needs of children : 

Psychological needs of children : Parents receive their child in an atmosphere of joy, pleasure and a serious desire to build a decent life for him, and with the passage of days the child activates a set of motor, verbal and social skills, which leads him to friction and get to know the outside world other than his home, and it follows that Learn new traits and habits that the family is not used to seeing or doing. By referring to parents in the way they raise children, we see that there is a set of behaviors that appear in the child’s ages from lying – stubbornness – insulting and insulting – aggression – quarrels … and many other behaviors, In fact, the interpretation of these actions by the child will not be more than a national font She has symptoms of a psychological problem .. The authoritarian methods in which some parents deal with the child from the threat – criticism – beating – comparison – extortion – insult … and others are all reflections on the child ‘s behavior .. He behaves inappropriately because he did not learn the optimal approach in situations Different.

So what are the psychological needs that the child needs and the parents should pay attention to?

There are 5 basic needs that must be clear to the parents in their dealings with children:


the need for love and by that we mean that parents love children without conditions, not because it is conciliated, athletic, or obedient, or … …. so we love the children as an instinct and for themselves

.Second :

And respect, which is a basic need to respect the child and not to insult him or diminish his position on the pretext of his young age, the more you give the child respect, the more he trusts himself.


the need for dialogue and by that we mean to exchange dialogue with our children without investigation or trial, but the dialogue is based on General issues .. We listen to him and see his ideas.


The need for self-confidence is some of Also actions For a religion that kills this need through the method of excessive protection, cruelty in dealing, excessive pampering, or comparing the child to another child .. This encourages the child to hate others and not rely on oneself.


the need for play Some parents believe that the child’s play is limited to devices They buy what they like without looking at the consequences of this act … and the child plays long hours, which exposes him to problems in communication, speech, lack of focus and attention.

In order to preserve our children, we must realize that providing luxuries such as clothes and toys within the limits of the combat devices does not give the child a healthy life in facing the challenges of the times, so we must be careful and attentive as a matter of “you are all a shepherd and all of you are responsible for his flock”


Preparation counselor : Ali Al-Sultan 

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