Dr. Nagat Ali Al Wassaby

Dr. Nagat Ali Al Wassaby :

Degree : MBA in Psychology from the American University in 2016
Current experiences :
  • PhD researcher from Charisma University – TCI.
  • The counselor is full-time psychotherapy at AlMorshed App.
  • . Author of “Self-respect and Thieving your goals” book
  • .Experience in writing research for university students for 11 years
  • Modifying and directing psychological and family behavior. Doing courses in self-development. Doing psychological and analysis sessions online 6 years ago.
Previous experience :
  • . Degree from the American University, majoring in Psychology, in 2016
  • . Master’s degree from the British University Charisma University – TCI in 2020


Family guidance sessions online, and conducting online courses which are:

1. Self-development course from the Gulf Training Institute on 7/8/1338
2. TOT Training of Trainees Course from 7/6/1441 to 12/6/1441
3. Time Management and Work Stress course, 3 hours, for one day, starting from 12/16/2020
4. Electronic trainer course
5. Persuasion and Negotiation skills course, 3 hours, for one day, starting from the date
. Personality analysis and decision-making course, 3 hours, for one day, with a date
7. Self-strategic planning course on 12/15/2020 3 hours for one day


Additional Accomplishments:
1 Conducting training courses on the method of dialogue
2 Giving courses on psychological analysis and its objectives
3 give courses on the style of characters
4 savings training course
5 Analysis training course

Specialization : The counselor deals with behavioral disorders such as anxiety, tension, aggression and fear, obsessive-compulsive personality disorders, behavioral and emotional disorders, obesity disorder, family problems, children’s problems, and male and female students ’assistance in writing research papers and university thesis. Also, doing personal analysis by signature
Languages : Arabic – English