Nadia Saad Nasser al-Obaidi

Nadia Saad Nasser al-Obaidi :

Degree : Higher Diploma in Psychological and Behavioral Guidance 1998
Current experiences :
  •  Practical guidance/ social services
  •  Manager
  •  A member of the Family Center for Social, Psychological, and Behavioral Counseling
  •  A member of the Doctor Center
  •  A member of the Social Association
  •  A member of the Ministry of Education Association
Previous experience :
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 1993
  • Certified practice in quick-action-in-time-of-crisis
  • Certified practice in diagnosing and treating speaking and listening difficulties
  • Certified practice in WPSSI for testing children’s intelligence
  • Owns a certificate from Oxford Center
  • Owns a certificate for attending in the first world affair dedicated for preventing addiction
  • Owns a how-to-be-successful-individual-in-a-work-team certificate from Abwab Institute for professional work training
  • Granted a certificate for being successful in social and psychological supervision activities in Educational Mubarak al-Kabeer
  • Certified by the ENMAA Social Institute for playing games as a method of treatment
  • Participated in a social services conference
  • Participated in a forum focused on the importance of realizing the way in which our actions should represent our words
  • Participated in a forum that focuses on building a stronger future generation
  • Participated in the first social and psychological services affair in the Gulf
  • Completed research for the social and psychological services affair regarding the difference between regular students and students who face difficulties with palilalia
  • Completed research for the social and psychological services affair regarding the educational treatment for delayed learning
Specialization : The counselor deal with Speech disorder/ behavioral disorder for children and adolescents/ and human relationships for adult.
Languages : Arabic