MR/Abdullah Al Arifi

MR/Abdullah Al Arifi

MBA in Psychology from Bangor University – Britain in 2015

Current exp:

– Psychologist, first master’s degree in psychology from Britain (Bangor University)
– Head of the Mental Health Department at King Saud Medical City
– More than 15 years of practical experience in King Saud Medical City, providing psychological consultations (depression – anxiety – social phobia – phobia)
– Providing family counseling (marital relationship lines – pre-marital rehabilitation – dealing with marital problems)
– Educational consultancy

– Applying psychological measures

– Providing cognitive behavioral therapy

Previous exp:

– Head of Mental Health Department at King Saud Medical City – 2020
– Psychologist first collaborator with the Zakat and Income Authority – 2020
– Experienced in family reform as a family reformer from 2017 to 2020
– Senior Psychologist – 2019
– First Collaborating Psychologist with Al Badiah Center for Family Reform – 2017
– Member of the Committee against Prisoner Abuse – 2008
– Psychiatrist at King Saud Medical City

Training courses and participations:

– The Annual Forum of Clinical Psychology at Al-Amal Complex in Dammam – 2016
– The annual meeting of Clinical
– Psychology in King Fahd Medical City
– Wechsler Intelligence Scale Course

Clinical counselor specializing in treating mental illnesses (anxiety / panic / depression / obsessive-compulsive disorder / schizophrenia / bipolar depression / persona vn lity disorder / marital, family and sexual problems, from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)