Dr. Mariam Saud Alazmi

Dr. Mariam Saud Alazmi :

Degree : PhD Psychology in psychological counseling and dealing with behavioral problems, family problems
Current experiences :
  •  PhD, Psychology, Children / Adults major, Psychology 2013.
  •  Master degree, talented education.
  •  current workplace, Director of Human Resources, Ministry of Affairs, degree now senior psychologist.
  •  dealing with behavioral problems, family problems.
Previous experience :
  •  Bachelor’s degree in psychology.
  •  PhD in educational psychology.
  •  Master of talent and creativity.
  •  Member of the Psychotherapists Association.
  •  The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is the U.S. Department of States.
  •  Preventing and Confronting Domestic Abuse and Violence.
Specialization : the counselor deal with behavioral problems for children and adolescents especially talented and for family problems
Languages :  Arabic – English