Lawyer / Yaqoub Alshatti

Lawyer / Yaqoub Alshatti :

Degree : 2009 Bachelor of Law – Sharqah University
Current experiences :
  • Yaqoub Al Shatti group for legal affairs .
  • Certified arbitrator at the Bar Association Arbitration Center.
  • Holding more than 40 courses in various fields of law and social service.
  • Pleaded in many issues of public opinion
    Specialist in the criminal field and in personal status issues.
Previous experience :
  •  Holding several specialized legal courses, including administrative contracts and the methods of concluding them (tenders and auctions)
  •  American Justice System Course
  •  The rules related to the administrative decision
  •  The jurisdiction of the summary judiciary and the case procedures
  •  The art of criminal pleadings
  •  Juvenile justice
  •  Jurisdiction of temporary matters judge
  •  Criminal lawsuit procedures and the art of pleading
  •  Arbitration lawsuit procedures
  •  The preliminary session to prepare the arbitrator
  •  Money laundering crimes and the prescribed penalties for them
  •  The role of the lawyer in attending the investigation authorities
  •  Problems of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing law
  •  Evidence and actual forensic investigation
  •  The attorney’s authority in the investigation phase (prosecution – investigations)
  •  Principles for drafting lawsuit papers and defense notes
  •  Labor lawsuit procedures
  •  Arbitration rules and procedures for settling civil and commercial disputes
  •  Drafting case papers and legal notes
  •  And more than 15 specialized courses in the field of arbitration
Specialization : ( Yaqoub Al Shatti Group / For Adult Counselors for Family Problems (Divorce / Alimony / Child custody) Addiction – Cyber ​​Crime – and other problems (in Kuwait only
Languages : Arabic