Huda Al Maged

Huda Al Maged :

Degree : Diploma in Psychological assessments 2019and Marriage counseling in 2017
Current experiences :
  • A specialist at the Ministry of Education
  • A behavioral therapist at the Center for Successes
  • A behavioral therapist and a family counselor at Dr. Bethania Al-Merhawi Center
  • A therapist at the Heyle Center for Educational Solutions
Previous experience :
  • Diploma in marriage counseling from Egypt in 2017
  • Educational advisor in 2016
  • Bachelor of Social Work from Kuwait University in 1997
  • Diploma in Psychometrics from the Ministry of Education in Jeddah
  • Educational Supervisor for Children, Cochlear Implants, Sada Center
  • Child Education and Assessment Assistant Director at Al-Rashed House for Early Childhood
  • Presenter of a smart education program on Kuwait TV, channel enrichment
  • Presenter of workshops and training courses in personal development and mentoring
Specialization : The counselor deals with children and adults for behavioral therapy and family counseling
Languages : Arabic