Ali Alsultan

Ali Alsultan :

Degree : master of educational supervision from the university of the kingdom of bahrain 2016
Current experiences :
  •  The Ministry of Education in the State of Kuwait. (Morning ).
  •  A psychological consultant at the German Jarallah Center – Life Center for Mental Health.(Department of Children – Adolescents)(evening ).
Previous experience :
  •  About 14 years of professional experience in the field of teaching.
  •  Head of Department for Psychology 2016
  •  Lecturer in many schools in the State of Kuwait in psychological and educational issues
  •  Participated in several development programs to prepare modern teachers in education
  •  Participant in presenting lectures on adolescents dealing with psychologists
  •  Headed to the administrative development team at the school for nearly 3 years
Specialization : The counselor deals with behavioral disorders and problems (such as stubbornness,anger,aggression,etc.) for children and adolescents.
Languages : Arabic – English