Phagophobia :

.Phobia of swallowing, phobia of eating, or Phagophobia

A rare case of fear or phobia, in which a person fears swallowing difficult foods for fear of suffocation.
Usually the result of a bad swallowing experience occurs, and after that the person fears a repeat of the experience or of suffocation.

This fear is expressed through many swallowing complaints, without any apparent physical cause or positive laboratory tests. This condition was called “asphyxia”.

But it was later suggested that a differentiation should be made between fear of swallowing (that is, swallowing and ingesting mouthfuls of food) and fear of suffocation.

The Treatment:

Focusing on this situation at the time of eating increases feeling of anxiety, and anxiety increases muscle stiffness, including throat muscles, and accordingly feels distress in eating, and the result is increased fear of swallowing.

Accordingly, the less focus on this process, the less the problem, and it may be over.

If this is not successful, do not hesitate to consult a counselor before the problem affects your health and life.


prepared Zahraa Al-Mousawi