Negative effects on mental health with Corona time

Negative effects on mental health with Corona time :

Negative effects on mental health with Corona time : With the continued social separation and homelessness imposed by the emerging coronavirus, the psychological symptoms related to lifestyle changes and staying at home for a prolonged period of time worsen, and according to experts, adolescents are among the groups that may be most affected.

The psychological and social stability of the family has a significant role and impact on the social and psychological growth of the individual and the development of his proper attitudes and capabilities and his encouragement for creativity and creativity. Accordingly, the adolescent personality differs from those who live in a stable family from who lives in an unstable family, I will talk about:

Adolescence and its stages:

The definition of adolescence in adolescence psychology is the stage that moves the individual from childhood to adulthood and adulthood, and at this stage a set of physical and psychological changes occur. It is considered a stressful stage because it is characterized by many changes described by many researchers with a stage of emotions and psychological pressures that adolescents may be exposed to.

The forms of adolescence differ from one person to another according to the family circumstances and social customs that adolescents perform in their society

The importance of adolescence:

This stage is an important stage through which the adolescent seeks:

1- To fulfill his inclinations and satisfy his needs according to certain social criteria.

2- He tries to get rid of dependence on his parents.

3- He aspires to independence despite the need for help.

4- Attempting to achieve freedom despite his standing against emotional conflicts that hinder his thinking.

5- Trying to get into thinking in making decisions regarding his future and his professional and personal life.

Adolescence stages:

The teenager goes through three stages, the scholars differed in determining its time, but the majority indicates that it:

The first stage:

It is the early stage that extends from the age of 12-15 years

Intermediate stage:

extends from 15-18 years old

Late stage:

extends from 18 to 21 years


prepared by Dr / Mariam Alazmi