my children not hearing my words

my children not hearing my words :

my children not hearing my words : Many mothers complain about their children not listening to orders and instructions, which causes them to be frustrated at times and deal harshly at other times. Why is the child not listening to the mother’s words and not fulfilling her demands? Is he deliberately doing this thing? Is this the penalty for the effort and fatigue that the mother gives to the children in their upbringing, and how is it possible to deal with these behaviors with my children?

These questions used by mothers in their dealings with their children are heard on an ongoing basis. If we want to solve this issue, we need to change some misconceptions in the minds of mothers in order to gain the correct ways to solve their problems with children.

In order for children to hear the words of mothers, we need to do 4 basic things:


Knowing the nature of the growth of a child’s age, how the child makes the movement and implementing things and what are the features of this stage, it is very important that we have an educational culture in research and reading in the stages of the growth of our children, just as you are looking for the country that you will visit, it is first to We are looking for a way to grow children’s lives.


The relationship based on respect, appreciation and participation will be the winner in the end.

It was said in education that 70% is a relationship, 20% encourage and motivate and 10% correct negative behaviors. Our lack of interest in a good relationship will make us more vulnerable to problems with them.


Excessive pampering of children is one of the most important factors that help not to listen to the words of parents.

In a study conducted in Canada, researchers made two groups of children, one of the groups was providing them with everything they asked for in their needs and the other was firm and conclusive, and the study concluded that The method of pampering made the child rebel more and did not hear speech, but required the parents to implement his demands.


The use of punishment before education When parents use methods of intimidation before carrots, the child will be armed with some behavioral habits, most notably stubbornness and non-submission to the orders of the parents, just as the belief in adults is that criticism is repulsive, so the punishment is also not desirable for children when parents use them at every moment and In every position

Based on these matters, we understand that the children ’failure to listen to the parents’ orders is due to their method of dealing, as it was said in education that the child is a mirror of what the person is doing, because your use of these methods is not good in dealing with you will face the problems of stubbornness and non-submission to your demands.


prepared by Ali Al-Sultan