Mistress Psychology

Mistress Psychology :

Mistress Psychology : Every woman always seek to have a partner for her life, accordingly every woman sets her goals in her mind for every relationship she goes through. The woman’s mind and her normal soul appear in the form of her relationship and what she sets for herself. The mature, logical woman is far from any married man, that is, his personal and family circumstances, and whatever he tries is to approach her and establish a relationship with her. This is the rational type with a normal psychology, but we find that there is the sick type with a sick psychology, which is the one that chooses with the intention of the married man, whatever his circumstances.

In one of the psychiatric clinics and from one of the patients in her announcement said: – {When I was his mistress, I always attracted him to me and turned his eyes away from any other woman, even his wife and children. I owned him and could easily to convince him with marriage and after I became his wife and his loneliness, I feel that I do not own him but rather I do not enjoy the previous abilities of owning him, and I do not know what differed, but there is another mistress who took him from me and made me could not take him back for me.

The explanation for this is that the psychology of this type of women is a result of reducing her worth and her self-love, and that what makes her always feel that her worth is less than others and differ than other women, and they are the two most important active factors to provoke negative personal traits in the self and are very strong drivers for the appearance of criminal characteristics, whether they are manifest and clear actions or Hidden. And these are the hidden qualities in the woman’s psychology that make her master in attracting a married man to become his lover, in the end it is all due to psychological factors on which she builds a strategy for herself to achieve her goals to satisfy her sick psychology.

The mistress always seeks to attract the married man in various ways and to show what he wants in the best way he wants, and this makes him always put his wife in a comparison between what his wife offers him and what his lover offers.
The wife always strives to build a home and a family whose rules are happiness and a healthy psyche for the children, and she always strives to be a good example for the children, and this requires her great effort and many responsibilities, unlike the mistress, whose total effort is devoted to the man’s happiness and attracting him from his wife and children and making him believe that his wife is falling short in his right And it should be.

The husband commits a grave mistake as well when he believes that his wife has no feelings and that she does not feel him. Unlike his mistress, who takes care of her first and last concern. Although the wife takes care of her husband and her children and also feels her husband’s emotional coldness with her, but she seeks excuses for him because he is busy with his work and the children and that he does not know how to flirt with another woman;  until She discovers that she is suffering from deprivation and emotional cold which leads him to pour his emotions and feelings in another direction on his mistress, so the wife turns to protect her rights in her husband and defend him.


prepared by Dr. Fatin Mirza

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