Marital Infidelity

Marital Infidelity

Marital Infidelity : Marital Infidelity is one of the main issues in our society, which need to be studied either by psychologists to determine its causes or by sociologists to determine its effects on society.

And through of many studies which studied and analyzed the causes of marital infidelity and the multiplicity of relationships, which are due to some significant points:-

Dissatisfaction with the sexual relationship:

Some studies have found that dissatisfaction with the sexual relationship and the feeling of one of the partners not being satisfied, may be the life of the spouses socially and financially stable, but there is something that hinders the satisfaction in the sexual relationship between the two partners, which leads one of the two partners to search for what satisfies his desire and to achieve his buried wish and achieve the sexual relationship as Satisfies him.

Emotional dissatisfaction:

This point also complementary to the sexual relationship between the spouses is the passion and emotional life between them, the pressures of life and routine life usually lead spouses to the inability to revive the emotional relationship between them, which makes them feel emotional cold, which drives them to search for emotional satisfaction with another party.

Loss of love between spouses :

The relationship between love and betrayal is a vague relationship, for the loss of love between spouses is not a strong motive for marital infidelity, but it remains one of the causes and at the same time the presence of love does not prevent infidelity.

Neglect :

The feeling of change and the feeling of low interest and low value between spouses drives them for marital infidelity also the greater the distance between the spouses, the more opportunities arise for betrayal and the search for external relationships.

Inferiority to self-respect :

Lack of interest and emotional dissatisfaction makes the partner feel low self-esteem and inferiority, which drives him to search for self-affirmation with others and desires to prove himself as an attractive and desirable person from others through the creation of multiple relationships outside the marital relationship, and this increases his inferiority in contrast to his expectation that it raises his status It may be an attribute of low self-esteem, an inherent characteristic of a person, and this makes him a traitorous partner.

Curiosity in sexual relations :

One of the strong psychological motives for forming multiple relationships and marital infidelity is the partner’s always search for a variety of sexual experiences and engaging in different sexual relations that cannot be expressed between spouses such as anal, oral and group sex.

Anger and a desire for revenge :

The partner may resort to betrayal and search for relationships outside the marital relationship as a response or some kind of revenge for abuse or revenge for the wife after knowing her husband’s relationships and his betrayal of her or vice versa.

Denying age and advancing it :

A midlife crisis that drives men or women to deny that they have reached an advanced age, and the man resorts to establishing a relationship with a young girl in the next decade to prove to himself that he is still desirable and still attractive.

Other influencing circumstances :

Some circumstances may also exist that contribute to the motives of betrayal, such as drugs or alcohol, or psychological pressure because of psychological distress.

Lack of self-control :

Losing the ability to control oneself in front of the temptations in their lives and rushing after their desires without controlling or listening to the superego.


Regret for choosing a life partner or remorse for marriage in general, with fear of divorce makes the tendency to betrayal and multiple relationships the solution from this partner’s point of view and this prompts him to search for external relationships.

All of these reasons may aggregate together or one or more reasons that lead to betrayal and the formation of multiple illegal relationships.


prepared by Dr. Fatin Mirza

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