Indulging in the role of the victim

Indulging in the role of the victim :

Indulging in the role of the victim : Review yourself .. Being immersed in the victim’s role causes you not to seek treatment and change!

Attributes of people playing * the role of the victim *:

1- People who play the role of the victim are often unwilling to bear * the fatigue of change and its material and psychological cost. *

2- Often in the past they have actually been wronged and there are those who violated their rights, but this matter makes them believe that change is the duty of the other * and the responsibility for their happiness is borne by others *.

3- The victim with everyone and everywhere, even in the means of communication and in front of thousands of people, opens his heart and mentions his problems as if he wants to tell everyone, look what I am suffering, * so do not expect me to change! *

4- If you give them a solution, they say this solution does not work and if you do not give them a solution they accuse you of being useless and you cannot help them.

5- They have a high resistance to change and always repeat that you do not understand me *!

6- They often have poor life skills and are unwilling to spend time and effort to learn them.



prepared Zahraa Al-Mousawi