Incest :

Incest is one of the social problems that have imposed itself in recent times on societies, and it means every sexual relationship between an individual and one of his incest, that is, those who are not legally entitled to have a legal relationship with them, because of the impediment of kinship, affinity, or breastfeeding, which results in great harm to the individual and degrades The family entity: the resulting imbalance in the social structure. We cannot explain the factors and causes that lead to the occurrence of such a phenomenon except in light of the family pattern, given that the family is not separated from the general social context, and it represents the first and basic framework for interaction between individuals as the general social context cannot be isolated from others. Interaction is one of the most important factors affecting children’s behavior, especially during childhood

And adolescence, which requires a lot of attention and direction to avoid any deviations, especially sexual deviations.

Strict penalties must also be put in place to deter the perpetrators of this crime and limit its spread, because the available statistics about the phenomenon remain far from its real size in the social reality, which makes it included in the field of “black numbers”.

Sexual education, which is considered a forbidden in some families, which may cause children to have a psychological contract as a result of that repression and family abstinence, so it calls for him to search for an alternative to understand what he wants to know, and to satisfy that unbridled curiosity he has in other illegal ways, so that the individual learns from what is published in the various media Deviant sexual behaviors and pornographic films, and these behaviors vary from prostitution, prostitution, fornication, the most dangerous of which is fornication.

Which falls between people of one blood.

It is every complete sexual relationship established between two people who are related by blood, lineage, or breastfeeding, the father forbidden by his daughter, or the brother by his sister, mother, or mother-in-law, and other things that the Sharia has stated and separated in it.

The phenomenon of incest, “INCEST”, is one of the ancient crimes of humanity. So that cultural and social anthropologists refer to the origin of humanity to intermarriage, and they mean marriage between relatives and incest.

This phenomenon became one of the phenomena present in Arab societies.
The most dangerous of them is that it affects the most important social institution, which is the family, and disrupts its structure and the roles of its actors, as well as tears apart and disperses family ties, and thus their impact on the social structure as a whole.
The law criminalized the perpetrator of this crime by stipulating punitive laws against its perpetrators and placed it in the category of crimes that violate morality. Or those familiar with it, to remain silent in order to preserve the family’s existence and reputation.

That is why forensic statistics about the phenomenon remain scarce and do not express its true extent on the ground, if any, because many of these cases do not reach police stations.

The issue of the causes of incest in the Arab community was addressed, and then the following conclusions were drawn up:

  •  Family disintegration and social control contribute to the incidence of incest in some families, and this appears by (54.54%) with regard to family disintegration and (100%) with regard to social control.
  •  Cultural consumption from contact with different means of communication and cultural products and programs that contain suggestive sexual or emotional materials contributed to the occurrence of some incest cases by (34.54%)
    Addiction to drugs or alcohol affects the individual’s incest relationship (27.27%).
  •  Religious advocates play a decisive role in the incidence of incest (100%).
  •  It has been concluded that incest is a mysterious phenomenon surrounded by secrecy and intimidation, and it is not dealt with like other deviant behaviors, and this is due to the multiplication of its effects and stigmatization on the part of the .society that subjugates it
  • With a view of inferiority and denouncing the superiority of other crimes, this made the reports and complaints by the victims not reach the relevant interests.
  •  It is not possible to reach the true magnitude of the phenomenon as long as there is no understanding on the part of society.

Source: – A supplementary study for a master’s thesis in sociology from an Arab university.

prepared by Dr / Fatin Mirza

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