How to respect and trust yourself

How to respect and trust yourself ?

We believe that your self-confidence is one of the ways that lead to success in this life, and that falling into negativity, feeling a sense of stress, demeaning oneself and not giving it its right is the beginning of failure. Self-confidence is the path to success in life.

Here are some steps by which you can get rid of negative thoughts and feelings in your life, whether they are in thought, behavior, morals, habits, words or other things to lift them off your shoulders and free yourself from their burden and set off yourself towards life with greater confidence and broader bright hopes.

All the thoughts that oneself believes in is considered one of the most dangerous factors that destroy a person or help him to succeed. If the mind is full of negative thoughts and toxic beliefs, it will harm the person himself and those around him and lose his soul. Therefore, it is imperative to reach inner peace and psychological safety and make the decision to change for the better:

There are some ideas that help us change our way of thinking: 

  1. You must understand that the subconscious mind does not combine two positive and negative messages at the same time, so you should focus on positive things better than focusing on negative things.2. The focus on negative messages grows and amplifies and grows much more after a period of time, thus decreasing and decaying positive messages, and in the end you are the loser as it has a great role in affecting the psychological and health life.
  2. You should train the subconscious mind on positive messages because your current life, whether positive or negative, is considered the inspiration for your thoughts.
  3. Golden opportunities are found in your mind, not in the environment surrounding you, nor in luck and coincidence, nor in the assistance you receive, but all of them located in your subconscious mind.
  4. Release your restrictions by increasing confidence in your abilities, as it is imperative that the focus comes within you and not from those around you
  5. Release your fear and take the initiative in facing all your worries and help yourself to overcome many of the things that lead to your loss.
  6. Always repeat the positive message. I am happy with my successes without any conditions
  7. Always be optimistic, because before every success and progress, a person must feel that he has become successful and forget the idea of ​​failure.
  8. Plan a building where the person must know his ability and willingness in any work he does.
  9. We should search people for their merits and search for our faults.

prepared by Dr.Nagat Al wassaby

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