How to get away of stress

How to get away of stress :

How to get away of stress : Anxiety disorder is one of the mental disorders that is associated with great stress and anxiety and this anxiety disorder includes panic disorder, social phobia disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and stress disorder that leads to accidents.

It is not like any anxiety, but rather considered as being unrealistic, excessive and exaggerated anxiety in many matters of daily life. The sufferer is unable to control his emotions about the state of anxiety that afflicts him, and their expectations increase for the worst occurrence

Even if there is no evidence of its occurrence and there is no need for it.

What are the causes of anxiety disorder?

Like many mental disorders, there is no clear and understandable cause for an anxiety disorder, but researchers believe that the causes of anxiety disorder are related to a defect in the neurotransmitters of the brain, but there are things that can be taken into consideration when studying this pathological case, such as:

– Genetics

  • Environmental factors.
  • Life situations.
  • Psychological stress.

How does the patient with anxiety disorder looks like?

Anxiety is a normal condition that anyone might encounter, but it cannot be described as a pathological mental disorder case unless the anxiety threshold increases to an excessive degree and the worrying thoughts become over an hour without a rest is accompanied by tension, fearful expectations, pessimism, and an expectation of the worst to happen and the person faces a difficulty in controlling his anxiety.
An anxiety disorder state is accompanied by signs and symptoms that characterize the condition as satisfactory, and it may last for a period long from weeks to multiple months, and it is in the length of a confused and anxious state, which requires psychological treatment symptoms:

Increased heart rate, feeling cold or numbness in the extremities, paleness of the face.

 Chest pain, shortness of breath, a feeling of suffocation, and rapid breathing.

 Excessive sweating and constant warmth in the body.

 High sensitivity to high light on the eyes and permanent dilation of the pupil.

 Indigestion, constant feeling of thirst.

 Irritability and unjustified anger.

 Muscle pain due to tension and tension.

Feeling of constant fatigue and the desire to sleep.

Nevertheless, be your own doctor and you do not need to continue to suffer with anxiety disorder, you can treat yourself from pathological disorder situations without drugs, but by means of treatment that you can do yourself or with the help of a psychiatrist and get rid of the state of anxiety permanently and live your life normally .. Here are the tips ..

How to get away from anxiety in eight steps?

Be honest with yourself:

Be honest with yourself about all the things that happen to you and make you feel stress and anxious, put them in their normal size, and admit to yourself that it is temporary not constant and will not stay with you for the rest of your life. Do not pay attention to internal thoughts and obsessions, as they are not real, so do not let them impose itself on your emotions, and thus will deal with it in a proper manner and keep away feelings of fear and insomnia from it.

Sleep enough:

Control yourself by calming the body from the stress. The calm and relaxation of the body is a large and significant part of treatment. Having enough relaxation and comfort is the first step in treating anxiety, giving your mind a sense of relaxation and mental clarity as a result of increased excretion the hormones of happiness, calmness and relief of feelings of stress and anxiety.

Practice relaxation:

Learn relaxation exercises and deep breathing, and be sure to practice yoga and meditation, which calm your thoughts and internal tension and reduce your feeling of anxiety.

Sport is important:

Definitely, exercising and increasing natural physical exertion reduce levels of anxiety significantly, and have a positive effect on the general mental health, so make sure to do exercises for at least 30 minutes a day until it increases the stimulating hormone dopamine in the nervous system.

Give yourself confidence:

Talk to yourself about how you are feeling and give yourself confidence and support in the ability to overcome those fears. “I am strong and capable to skip anything”. Always repeat it until you are convinced of your ability and believe what has focused the strength in you and follow it.

Positive thinking:

One of the symptoms of anxiety is fear of the future and imagining it in a dark negative shape, and the sufferer finds himself surrounded by disastrous expectations may happen. You have to overcome the ordeal of anxiety, change your way of thinking about everything, and look at it in positive perspective with focusing on the positives of the current scene only, not what will happen in the future, and force your mind to merge with reality so you can solve your problems.

Face your fears:

With all strength face those obsessions that make you feel afraid, and be fully confident as it is temporary and not real and that you are stronger than it, and do not let it control your emotions and your life in general, and the best solution lies in facing and standing face to face in front of the causes of your anxiety which makes you feel in control of it and reduce its effects on you, this is done gradually by exposing yourself to situations that raise your anxiety gradually for more difficult situations until you challenge and overcome your anxiety.

Avoid smoking and stimulants:

Because you need to rest and relax, be careful to avoid stimuli such as smoking and others. Drinks are known to be nervous system stimulants such as caffeine increase levels of anxiety and stress, so avoiding anxiety-stimulating ingredients contributes in reducing stress and giving a feeling of comfort and relaxation.


prepared by Dr. Fatin Mirza

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