How to control your anger

How to control your anger ?

How to control your anger ? In order to get rid of old, destructive thoughts that in turn create negative feelings and lead to ineffective behaviors, we need to replace them with more realistic and effective ideas.

Anger often results from destructive thoughts. Try to replace them with these thoughts:

– I do not always need to prove myself to others, because their thoughts about me will not change if I force them to do so.

– I have two choices:

Either anger controls me or I control it, so which of the two do I want to choose now?

– If you are satisfied with my abilities and prove them with merit, let me have no doubts about them, as soon as I hear an inappropriate comment, it may be due to the ignorance of the other, his different thinking, or a lack of taste from him.

Always competing. What will you prove to me? Except for fatigue and losing relationships?

– Yes, at this moment I feel insecure and this causes a feeling of anger, but the feeling of insecurity is temporary and will end and I will return to stability.

It is impossible to control all circumstances and people, even if they are my children. My desire to control things will make me lose control of myself.

– I cannot force others to stop criticizing me, but I can choose my reaction to their criticisms.

It is impossible for me to be complete without any errors or shortcomings.

– Withdrawing from useless arguments is better than losing time and nerves.

– It is not a disaster if I say the wrong word or phrase in front of others, this happens even to teachers in a subject they have been studying for several years.

Preparation counselor:

Zahraa Al-Mousawi

Preparation counselor: Zahraa Al-Mousawi

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