Types of Family Problems

Types of Family Problems :

Types of Family Problems : The family is the first seed in society, it soon grows and grows until it strikes its roots on the ground and becomes stronger, if this seed grows correctly it will produce strong, fruitful branches that extend to the outer community, but if it becomes corrupted, the inevitable result will be a weak and disintegrating exhausted society.
Affection, compassion, and understanding are basic rules for a strong family, however different and possibly changing life circumstances pose many problems that may affect the family and undermine its security and stability.
In this article, we list the most common types of family problems and how they could be treated;

Most Common Family Problems:

First: The busy daily schedule:

The family atmosphere becomes beautiful with the participation of every family member in their daily routine events, but more often it may seem one of the individuals is busy from the others with certain tasks, and he may spend long hours without participating or talking to the members of the family which negatively affects the pattern of understanding and interdependence, and creates a gap that increases with the passage of time. And here a common type of family problems; which is spacing.
The most effective solution is to use a calendar and daily schedule system. This way, you can prioritize work and busy times and precious family time.

Second: The disagreements:

For disagreements to occur between the members of the same family, this is normal. Every member of this family has its own opinions and his thoughts. However, no one should force their opinion on the other, nor should the discussions reach bigger.
There is no doubt that differences may lead to tension, and may harm relations between the members of the same home, and this is among the most family problems are common, as there is no limitation differences except by getting rid of unnecessary feelings such as self-esteem, nervousness, or the insult.
The solution in these cases is always to search for meeting points for any disagreement and to defuse the tension, and not to allow it to develop and grow, and that each member remembers the other’s favor.

Third: Financial problems:

One of the most common family problems is financial problems, and they may pose great stress in the family’s life, especially if someone wants a certain type of financial level for the family that they cannot afford, this can increase stress and tension among the family members, and the frequency of this kind of problem is increasing these days due to the difficult financial conditions that employees are going through in all sectors, especially after getting used to a specific financial system if the situation has changed and the costs are reduced.

Financial problems can be solved in a number of ways:
– Making a budget that is agreed upon family members
– Participating in managing funds
– Determining the financial constants, make an emergency budget, and set a specific ceiling for supplies and purchases

Fourth: Neglecting responsibilities:

Everyone in the family has duties and responsibilities, it is not right for any individual to give up his responsibilities or neglect them under any of the many external influences, and in spite of that does not mean that we cancel the role of cooperation and complementarity in responsibilities in order for the family to be straight, it can be summarized that nothing can ever comes before the family, as family comes first then anything else.

Fifth: Lack of respect

Lack of respect is one of the most common problems facing families today. Through which communication between family members “Husbands, wives and children” by screaming, slandering, insulting or bullying.
Disrespect may appear in a number of ways:
– This can include physical abuse
– Insulting speech
– Bullying
– Bullying and imposing opinion
– no appreciation

The pillar of a healthy family is mutual respect between each member of the family, each individual should recognize the other and appreciate the importance of the other family bonding through respect.

Sixth: Infidelity:

Infidelity is one of the greatest family problems, and it can cause a great gap within the family. It is often the result of disrespect and lack of communication and emotional support within the family. It is often due to selfishness.

Seventh: Lack of affection and emotional support:

The basic concept that underpins the family is affection and compassion, it thrives on affection and emotional support. Too many partners are busy earning a standard of living and supporting a family and neglect their partners and children.
Your family must eat. This is understandable, but it is also your responsibility to spend time with your family and bonds of love and support, correct behaviors and control things.
The nanny does not replace the mother and does not provide the necessary affection for the child or teenager as the mother or father, your family is your priority, and it is your God-given responsibility to provide affection and emotional support to every corner of it.
Attention must be paid if a family member does not get the required emotional support, then he must resort to other methods to meet this need. Including the deviation.
Make time to show your family’s love and affection.

Eighth: External interventions:

Your extended family is wonderful however, when you face challenges with your direct family, it is important to reduce the influence of relatives to the lowest. Mother-in-law is particularly taking a side, in most cases, to inform wives how to do things within the family, this should not be the case. They can make suggestions, but never expect them to always be implemented.
When dealing with relatives, be honest but respectful. Let them know that you value their notes or statements, but you should do what is best for your family from your perspective, especially when raising children. Do not allow a relative to strike a chord between you and your wife or one of your family members.


Family life is not easy, nor is it difficult, but at the end of the day, you will find sweetness in the struggle to protect this institution, the family is not immune to problems. Rather, problems will inevitably come, and in these cases, it is necessary to deal with them effectively by showing love and concern for the strength and prosperity of the family enterprise.


prepared by Dr. Fatin Mirza


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