Electronic blackmail via social media

Electronic blackmail via social media

Electronic blackmail via social media : What do you do if you or a member of your family was subjected to electronic blackmail via social media?

In case you are subjected to electronic blackmail ,, There are some practical ways and methods you can do which are:

  1– Disconnect your contact with the blackmailer and close all your accounts directly to reduce the volume of pressure and psychological blackmail practiced by you.

 2- Don’t be afraid of scandal; You are protected by law and your behavior is considered a victim.

3- Contact with someone close to you and trust him and tell him all the details of what happened with you.

4- Communicate or inform one of the concerned authorities, whether it is in the police or electronic investigations.

5- Ask for urgent psychological advice from your psychological guide to bypass the shocks of this stage in peace.

Finally : Electronic extortion behavior is psychological behavior that requires Modification and treatment ,, so contribute with us in spreading psychological awareness. ~~ I am happy to serve you in diagnosing and treating cases of electronic blackmail through the application of psychological counselor.

prepared by Abdullah Al Balushi