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Feteshism is a disorder of attachment to a non-sexual body part or personal belongings as sexual stimuli, the most well-known of it are chest and foot fetishes, as well as fetishes of shoes and special accessories, wearing clothes related to women during sex, attraction to certain smells in the female.
It is considered a non-illness matter when not thinking about it all the time, but when it is related to sex and sexual excitement, then it is considered one of the disorders that must be treated and it is spreading in men more than in women, and the parts that provoke sex differ from one person to another, when a man looks at the female body or part of her body and gets excited instinctively, it is considered a natural matter, but when a man is triggered with a certain part that makes him ignore of the rest of the female parts, here lies the disorder

Types of Fitch Disorder:

1- When the feet becomes the replacement of genitals; it is more dominant among men.

2- The golden shower; which is a sexual obsession in which the owner resorts to urinating for the purpose of sexual arousal.

3- The master-slave game, known by the term “BDSM”, which is an abbreviation for four words: Bondage, Discipline & Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism. This obsession is associated in minds with leather clothes, handcuffs, hitting and all kinds of pain in general, and the pleasure that the owner of this obsession feels from physical harm for himself and his partner in the sexual relationship.

4- Uniform obsession. The person does not care about the navigator and does not sexually arouse him other than the uniform and perform self-humiliating behavior until it triggers the attention of the other person person, or obtains his satisfaction.

Diagnosis and treatment:

The diagnosis is made in knowing the causes related to the problem, and sometimes they are problems that the person suffered during childhood or adolescence, and it can be defects in the sexual learning process, and sometimes neurological differences play a role in some cases
Treatment is carried out through diagnosis, psychoanalysis, and cognitive-behavioral correction to correct and rebuild cognitive and distorted thoughts and behavior modification, and the use of sensory focus to refocus on sensory perceptions and in some cases might use medications such as antidepressants.

prepared by Dr.Nagat Al wassaby