an addict who calls

an addict who calls :

an addict who calls : “I am stronger than drugs .. a single dose that will not affect .. I will not be addicted to a dose.” So my journey started with drugs, those words that we used to repeat, even believing in their sincerity and destroying many and killing many of us, but they convinced us to reach false pleasure, And to forget the pain that was caused to us by our families or by our hidden reason.
It was an escape from reality, an escape from fear, and the problems around us that we left wandering.
Desiring the unknown and we became part of it, we did not know that we are sick and we need treatment and love, and there is no conflict in our families between a father who left his responsibilities and a mother who dropped that departure on us, and we are the cause of her life stopping and they did not realize that we are their life project.
Yes, we were captured by those who pushed us to abuse, they were the key to our unconscious destruction, and we became looking for love elsewhere, within us cries of need, presence and containment.
We fell into the nets of friends who hunt weak-hearted people like us, who searches for unconditional love, who does not know to assert his rights, who does not know himself yet, opened the decorated doors for us so that we can enter into the deluded and remain after entering into the darkness floundering and falling and wearing all masks even We quench the thirst of drugs, and then we want to go back, we cannot. We were dark and thorns abundant, and the desire is urgent.
We want to go back, we yearn to live in peace, our bodies have eroded and our bones have been weakened and we do not know the night of the day, we have drowned in addiction, we want to survive and blasphemy for safety.
We call for everyone to accept us without conditions and without judgment, we are prey to disease, so I call for you to accept us and see the looks of love through you, and feel safe, we do not want to open the door again, so I call for you not to close your doors on us, because you are a power when you understand the nature of our disease and realize the reality of our fall And that recovery from it is possible and not impossible, and God is all-powerful, just listen to our voices when we call and open your hearts until we overcome the difficulty of the disease.


prepared by Maryam Abdullah